When you join Streams of Wholeness Coaching, you are part of a family, you are never alone, and you are on your way to discovering a lifestyle of wholeness. We provide relationships, care, equipping, and proven strategies to bring a lifestyle of wholeness to each person.

Streams of Wholeness Coaching exists to awaken people to God’s original intent of wholeness for their lives.  This is needed because:  

According to the Barna and the Fuller Institute and Forbes: 

-1 in 4 adults in the United States are reported to be on depression medication.  

  • 90% of ministry leaders feel inadequately trained 
  • 70% fight depression 
  • 50% would quit today if there was another job that would pay them 
  • 80% believe their jobs/ministry has negatively affected their family 
  • 70% do not have a close friend in their life

-Suicidal ideation is increasing among adults according to a Forbes study 

More than 10 million adults are estimated to have had serious suicidal thoughts 

There is a cost to not pursuing a lifestyle of wholeness. If you ignore or downplay your emotional, physical or spiritual health, it will only continue to worsen and impact your quality of life.

We want to invite you to another way- the way of Wholeness. We accomplish this by teaching you how to embrace a lifestyle of wholeness that in turn, produces:

– Whole marriages 

– Whole families  

– Whole individuals.   

Imagine what could happen in your life with a devoted coach investing in your life helping you to make whole decisions? Decisions that will help you: 

  • Redefine success. 
  • Discover personal health.  
  • Understand the true heart of God. 
  • Find genuine friendships. 
  • Teach you how to THINK about what you THINK about.  
  • Inspire your body and your mind and more.  

Our coaches goal is to help you create lifestyle of wholeness you did not think possible.  

Streams of Wholeness Coaching is a 6-month program.  It is highly relationally and you can expect:

Cost: $4500 (Scholarships available through application)  

  • An assessment that will reveal where you currently are on the journey to wholeness. 
  • Once a month one-on-one video coaching call 
  • Once a month video group coaching call 
  • One in-person wholeness retreat hosted at Honey Lake Farms in Florida 
  • Regular check-ins through texting 
  • 2 Healing prayer appointments 
    • We offer one free coaching session and believe after that session; you will be eager to join the Streams of Wholeness Coaching program.  

    It is normal to be hesitant but ask yourself this is your life really creating the most whole version of you, your wife, your kids, and your friends around you? 

    If the answer is no, be brave and take next right step.  

    Simply click here, select a time that works best for your schedule, and fill out some brief information about yourself. Then you will have a personal conversation with a coach to determine if Streams of Wholeness Coaching is right for you, we will discuss the cost and pair you with the right coach to champion you and help you discover or continue a lifestyle of wholeness.