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A 6-week online coaching program designed to equip you for a lifestyle of wholeness.

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Here’s what we’ll cover…

Stream 1: Lifestyle of Wholeness

In this stream, we explore the concept of a “Lifestyle of Wholeness”. How is this lifestyle available in the here and now, the importance of believing it is available, and the practicals of how to live in a lifestyle of wholeness personally and to those around us.

Stream 2: Spiritual Health

What we believe about God is one of the biggest determining factors of living a lifestyle of wholeness. In this stream, we will look at our beliefs about God, who He is and who He is not, and challenge faulty theological foundations which prevent us from truly living a lifestyle of wholeness.

Stream 3: Healthy/Renewed mind

The apostle Paul reminds us in Christ we are “new creations” and to “daily renew our minds”. Our minds have been hijacked over years and have developed faulty wiring through believing messages about ourselves and others that lead to anxiety, depression, and several other mental health issues. In this stream, we debunk those messages through the power of neuroplasticity and the Holy Spirit, learn healthy processes to rewire our minds, and cleaning up our mental messes.

Stream 4: Emotional/Mental Health

Misplaced or overbearing emotions, combined with the inability to process what we are feeling, leads us away from a lifestyle of wholeness. In this stream we dig deep with the Holy Spirit to the very roots of emotional issues in the lives of every client. We then learn healthy emotional/mental health practices that lead us toward wholeness.

Stream 5: Authentic Healthy Friendships

You cannot walk in wholeness alone. Every person on the planet is born with relational needs. The problem is, how do we navigate those relational needs in a way that leads to wholeness? Many people are in need of healthy, committed, whole friendships. In this stream we navigate the waters of friendships. We cover things like; how to have and keep an adult best friend, how do we know someone is actually safe for friendship, and we give practical tips and best practices to attain whole, healthy relationships to meet our God-given relational needs.

Stream 6: Health and Fitness

We are all emotional, relational, and physical beings. We can’t have emotional and relational wholeness and not have physical wholeness in our bodies. The body is one of the greatest gifts God has given us and God wants us to have a whole relationship with our bodies. In this stream, we discover how to stop shaming our bodies, how to relate to our bodies in a whole way, and how to love our God-given bodies toward wholeness through continuing to learn practical and helpful health and fitness practices.

**BONUS** Stream 7: Future/Dreaming

One of the greatest signs of a person who is becoming whole is when a person, once again, begins to dream about their future and is no longer waiting for “the other shoe” to drop. By the time you get to this stream, we believe you will be able to fully begin to dream and get fresh vision for your life, your vocation, and your family through the lens of a lifestyle of wholeness. You can enjoy dreaming again! This stream will help you reimagine your future and create a plan to accomplish those dreams within the whole version of yourself you have become.

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