Pastor Josh Hawk

Pastor/Executive Director & Host of Road to Wholeness on AWKNG TV, STREAMS of Wholeness.

Josh has been in full-time ministry since he was 18 years old. He has served in multiple, successful churches: from megachurches to planting a church and everything in between. Josh has served in many different capacities of church ministry, including as senior pastor, and he understands the unique pressures that accompany these significant roles of leadership. He believes wholeness and freedom are for everyone. Josh desires to see people shed the veil of finding their worth in ministry and achieving and learn to solely find their worth and purpose in beloved identity. He lives to serve and bring value to many as a life coach.

The Road to Wholeness educates and inspires viewers toward embracing a lifestyle of wholeness through real authentic conversations, with real people and their stories. It communicates that hope and wholeness is possible for everyone.