Life Coaching Business Model

How does a life coaching business model vary from business models of other disciplines? Firstly, it’s essential to recognize the core differences unique to life coaching businesses since this will inform how you construct your life coaching business model. Many people equate life coaching with therapy, but it isn’t just that. Psychological therapy looks to treat psychoses and specific disorders, but life coaching takes a wide-angle view of your life and your place in the world. Christian life coaching is an important distinction to make when choosing an online self-help service because many non-Christian online self-help services will not acknowledge one of the most valuable aspects—and resources—in your life, and that is your relationship with God. Streams of Wholeness knows that your standing with God and His calling for your life is at the center of all that you do, or it should be. There are several different life coaching business models out there. Not all life coaching centers will offer precisely the same packages, since not all life coaching centers have the same resources to provide.

Life Coach Business Plan PDF

There is no one-size-fits-all life coach business plan that you can get that will be right for you, your clients, or your territory. All of those factors will inform how you run your business. For your clients, the help they get must be directed at the right issue, which can be hard to diagnose for themselves. You will need to move and adapt depending on the successes that you experience in the early days of your business, but still leave the door open to move and adapt again in the future if you need to. That is why Streams of Life recommends undergoing a life coaching program before anything else so that you can feel what it is to undergo the process yourself and even to help understand if life coaching is for you.


Starting A Life Coaching Business Checklist

Streams of Wholeness is fast becoming one of the most full experience life coaching business models in the United States, either for one-on-one care or group self-help. Our coaching program is six months long. It is highly relational, and you can expect an assessment that will reveal where you currently are on the journey to wholeness, a once a month one-on-one video coaching call, as well as a once a month video group coaching call, an in-person wholeness retreat hosted at Honey Lake Farms in Florida, regular check-ins through texting, and two healing prayer appointments. There is a free coaching session available through our website and we believe that you will be eager to join the Streams of Wholeness Coaching program after that session.


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