Healing Prayer

The Bible tells us that through prayer God can not only speak to us, but use us to be his hands to do His work on earth, and that includes healing prayer. Streams of Wholeness has found this to be true and we want to tell you a little about the power of healing prayer.

When you use a healing prayer, remember that you are coming to God helpless and expectant to let His Holy Spirit work through you. It isn’t by your power or faith that you or others will be healed, it is through His power and will. So come to him in humility and expectation.


Healing Prayer Session

A healing prayer session can happen anywhere, at any time, with one of our licensed pastors. God can hear you wherever you are and whoever you are with—nothing can stop that, so pray to Him in confidence that he can hear you and the desires of your heart. In John 15:15, Jesus says He no longer calls us his servants, but calls us His friends. Other Bible verses tell us that God is a loving father, which means that He wants the best for us, and doesn’t want to punish us and make us suffer needlessly. So there is every reason to expect good things to come from the times that we bring our problems and needs to Him.



Virtual Prayer

Virtual prayer is a new way to pray, and Streams of Wholeness has found it just as effective. Pray with one of our pastors who specialize in healing prayer, wherever you are. God hears all prayers, whether you pray with someone in person, or with them over the phone, or with them on a Zoom chat. All it takes is just a little of our time, just a couple of minutes from our day.





Healing Prayer For The Sick

Healing prayer for the sick is a dramatic and exciting way to see God moving in our lives. And while there are few “wrong” ways to pray, Streams of Wholeness can offer some tips and pointers for you if you are not used to giving healing prayers for the sick.

First, talk and agree on what you are praying for. Find out the health problem or disease that the person you are praying for is suffering from and how they need help. If they are uncomfortable sharing that with you though, that’s alright, God knows what they need anyway.

Second, ask sincerely from God. God knows your heart, so just speak from the heart without filter. Pray sincerely and don’t be afraid to ask specifically what you want from God.

Third, check in with the person you’re praying with from time to time. Ask them if they feel anything or if there’s anything on their heart, or if they hear God saying anything to them. It may be that the Holy Spirit wants to direct you or redirect you a little during this time. That’s fine. Remember, you’re following God’s lead, you’re not doing this through your own power.

Finish when you’ve said what you need to say, and it’s good to sit still and listen for any promptings that the Holy Spirit may be giving you. If you feel that things are done, then finish, if you feel you need to stay a little longer in prayer, then communicate that to your partner, and also ask if they’re getting any cues. If nothing directly came from this session of prayer, that’s okay. Schedule another one, perhaps tomorrow at the same time.

Prayer For Self Healing

Prayer for self-healing is completely valid and should be a natural part of your daily prayer. Society raises to believe that admitting weakness is a moral failing and that brokeness means that we’ve done something wrong. But this is not so, and it goes against the teachings of Scripture. Streams of Wholeness understands that prayer for self-healing is an important part of our spiritual growth and ultimately brings us closer to God.


Prayer For Healing For A Friend

Prayer for healing for a friend or a loved one will bring all of you closer, you, your friend, and God. It is His will that we comfort and aid each other by raising each other up in prayer. Just remember to do so with an open heart, a loving spirit, and an attentive mind. And remember, this is God’s power that He uses through us, not a magic trick of our own that we do by some internal effort of will, or by believing hard enough. We believe that God knows what He is doing, so let Him work and let yourself be His faithful servant.