Life Coaching Institute at Streams of Wholeness

Christian life coaching institutes are a relatively new development. To approach life coaching from a biblical standpoint makes all the sense in the world for Christians. A Christian life coaching institute seeks to guide and critically assess your life but with key acknowledgments that may not be found in other life coaches or life coaching courses. Namely, these will often include the beliefs that everyone is made in the image and likeness of God, that God is sovereign in our lives and in our world, that God is all-powerful and all-knowing, that God seeks to guide, empower, encourage, and help his children through life, and that true fulfillment is only possible when we are living in line with God’s principles and plans.

Christian life coaching understands that God is the author of life and success rather than the modern self. Streams of Wholeness is a life coaching institute where you become part of a family. Here, you are never alone, and you are on your way to discovering a lifestyle of wholeness. We provide relationships, care, equipping, and proven strategies to bring a lifestyle of wholeness to each person.

Best Life Coaching Schools

The best life coaching schools will acknowledge that there is a cost to not pursuing a lifestyle of wholeness, in not receiving holistic life coaching. If you ignore or downplay your emotional, physical or spiritual health, it will only continue to worsen and impact your quality of life. A lot of times we ignore or write off the red flags and warning sirens that our minds and bodies give us to let us know that an issue needs addressing. These signals, ignored, can lead to big problems down the line, and we can feel like things have fallen apart, or are on the verge of falling apart.

We at Streams of Wholeness to give you a full-system tune-up, or to help you gather all the pieces and recreate your life. We accomplish this by teaching you how to embrace a lifestyle of wholeness that, in turn, produces whole marriages, whole families, and/or whole individuals, wherever it is that your are along your spiritual path.


Certified Life Coach Institute Reviews

A good certified life coach institute reviews your life and life choices. What if you had access to a devoted biblical life coach investing in your life, helping you to make whole decisions? This would be someone to help you redefine success, or discover a personal health plan. They would help you understand the true heart of God, to seek genuine friendships, teach you how to think about your thought life. Our coaches’ goals are to help you create a lifestyle of wholeness you did not know you could have.

Life Coaching Institute Fees

Streams of Wholeness Coaching is a spiritual life coaching system that wants to restore God’s original intent of wholeness to your life. According to authorities such as the Barna and Fuller Institutes, 1 in 4 adults in the United States are reported to be on depression medication. Additionally, 90% of ministry leaders feel inadequately trained, 70% of ministry leaders fight depression, 50% would quit today if there was another job that would pay them, 80% believe their jobs/ministry has negatively affected their family, and 70% do not have a close friend in their life.

In a recent Forbes study, it is shown that suicidal ideation is increasing among adults, resulting in over 10 million adults having serious suicidal thoughts. This is not God’s plan for our lives.

Life Coaching Institute For Christians

Streams of Wholeness Coaching is a six-month relational program. To sign on, you will receive an assessment that will reveal where you currently are on the journey to wholeness, a once a month one-on-one video coaching call, as well as a once a month video group coaching call, an in-person wholeness retreat hosted at Honey Lake Farms in Florida, regular check-ins through texting, and two healing prayer appointments. There is a free coaching session available through our website and we believe that after that session you will be eager to join the Streams of Wholeness Coaching program.

It is normal to be hesitant. But remind yourself what is at stake, and ask yourself, is your life really creating a whole version of you, for your wife, your kids, and your friends? If the answer is no, then be brave and take just one step in the right direction. The Streams of Wholeness website will ask you some basic information and you will then have a personal conversation with a coach to determine if Streams of Wholeness Coaching is right for you.


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