Life Coaching Packages

Life coaching packages are not available as a part of every life coaching course, but it is something that Streams of Wholeness can offer. Located in Florida, Streams of Wholeness incorporates and accesses the Honey Lake Clinic. Streams of Wholeness offers Bible-based psychological care by licensed experts in scenic, world-class accommodations. Specialized treatment programs help those struggling with addictions or psychological issues reclaim their lives and achieve their God-given potential. Programs include Addiction Recovery, Mood Disorders, Anxiety Disorder, Psychological Struggles, Burnout, and many others. Recent world events have catalyzed thinking about our place in the world and what shape our future might take. A good life coaching program seeks to guide and critically assess your life but with essential acknowledgments that may not be found in other life coaches or life coaching packages.


Life Coaching Fees

Life coaching fees are very reasonable and well worth the investment. We created Streams of Wholeness to be one of the top life coaching programs. When you join Streams of Wholeness Coaching, you are part of a family, you are never alone, and you are on your way to discovering a lifestyle of wholeness. We provide relationships, care, equipping, and proven strategies to bring a lifestyle of wholeness to each person. We approach from a Christian point of view, meaning that we hold the same values that you do, which are that everyone is made in the image and likeness of God, that God is sovereign in our lives and our world, that God is all-powerful and all-knowing, that God seeks to guide, empower, encourage, and help His children through life. That true fulfillment is only possible when we are living in line with God’s principles and plans. Christian life coaching understands that God is the author of life and success rather than the modern self.

Life Coaching Fees Packages

Life coaching fees packages are a way to save money on your life coaching. There is a great cost to not pursuing a lifestyle of wholeness. Often, we ignore or write off the red flags and warning sirens that our minds and bodies give us to let us know that an issue needs addressing. These signals, ignored, can lead to big problems down the line, and we can feel like things have fallen apart or are on the verge of falling apart. But it doesn’t have to be like that.

Adjacent to the Streams of Wholeness site, on approximately 3000 acres in the outskirts of Greenville, Florida, you will find Honey Lake Farms nestled among sprawling oak trees, winding rivers, spring-fed lakes, peaceful meadows, and an array of wildlife. The heart behind this land is to provide space for our guests to experience a change in their daily scenery, experience exciting outdoor activities, personal reconnection, rest, and wholeness. Honey Lake Farms is a rare experience. As our guest, you not only invest in yourself but others as well. With your visit, you enable Honey Lake Farms to invest in the revitalization of the local community. It is our joy to partner with and employs those who call Madison and Jefferson counties home. It’s been said, “to walk into nature is to witness a thousand miracles.” Streams of Wholeness Retreats are hosted at Honey Lake Farms, which offers exclusive experiences not available to the public, such as hunting, fishing, events in local Thomasville, and the unique Tracker Buggy Tour of the property and exotic animals.

Life Coaching Packages PDF

Take that first step to joining an accredited life coaching program and get a life coaching packages PDF. Streams of Wholeness is here to give you a full-system tune-up or to help you gather all the pieces and recreate your life. We accomplish this by teaching you how to embrace a lifestyle of wholeness that, in turn, produces whole marriages, whole families, and/or whole individuals, wherever it is that you are along your spiritual path.


Life Coaching Packages Costs

Streams of Wholeness is fast becoming one of the best life coaching programs in the US. Our coaching program is six months long. It is highly relational, and you can expect an assessment that will reveal where you currently are on the journey to wholeness, a once a month one-on-one video coaching call, as well as a once a month video group coaching call, an in-person wholeness retreat hosted at Honey Lake Farms in Florida, regular check-ins through texting, and two healing prayer appointments. There is a free coaching session available through our website, and we believe that you will be eager to join the Streams of Wholeness Coaching program after that session.


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