Retreats for Men, Women, & Couples 

Wholeness Reboot: 4 Days/3 Nights at Honey Lake Farms

(Designed to help you reset and prevent burn out)

We know that there are many challenges that leaders face today. We want to come alongside of you to help you reset your thoughts, habits, and patterns, and see the desert places in your life begin to flow again with streams of wholeness. These retreats will provide the tools you will need to lead from a posture of wholeness. Creating a lifestyle of wholeness requires intentional patterns of resting, resetting, and refreshing in the presence of God. Our retreats include powerful sessions with thought-provoking conversation and free time to enjoy the amenities offered by Honey Lake Farms.


5-Day Clinical Soul Care Intensive

(Designed for leaders dealing with stress, crises, emotional struggles, or troubling thoughts)

Ministry and business leaders are quite busy tackling many demands, stressors, pressures, adversities, and especially, unrealistic expectations. Even though leaders are responsible for many people’s well-being, they often have few people, if any, they are or can be truly authentic around. The need to hide who they are inside because no one would follow such a broken, “normal”, or weak person is a lie many leaders get trapped in. For ministry and business leaders to enjoy joy, peace, and fulfillment, in both their professional and personal lives, the crucial foundational blocks of self-awareness, God-awareness, and then the courage to reveal the discoveries of their self-awareness while still knowing they are loved and accepted by God are essential. This genuine authenticity, the ability to be flawed and vulnerable while not fearing rejection or condemnation, allows us to walk in the love, grace, forgiveness, and acceptance of our perfect, loving Father. Our 5-day Clinical Soul Care Intensive will help you understand the inner-you more clearly, accept yourself, see God more clearly, and start a profound psychospiritual healing journey with resiliency skills to maintain your momentum after you leave.

Addictions and suicide are the #1 and #2 killers in the U.S, and up to 70% of ministry and business leaders fight anxiety, depression, substance misuse, or sexual/porn temptations. Sadly, psychological understanding or emotional IQ is not taught as well as Greek, Hebrew, how to write a sermon, or business classes. For the past 32 years, board certified psychiatrist Karl Benzio, MD, has pulled back the curtain and revealed some basic principles about our brain, mind, and spirit that turned what seemed to be overwhelming, mysterious, and almost impossible to figure out to now be more easily understood, applied and bring the life you dream of within reach. Don’t throw in the towel, don’t give up! You deserve to live a vibrant life full of wholeness, making a difference in the world around you. Join Dr. Karl and our SOW team in building a stronger foundation to rebuild your life on.

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Upcoming Retreats & Intensives

5- Day Clinical Soul Care Intensive

June 7th-11th

5- Day Clinical Soul Care Intensive

August 23-27

5- Day Clinical Soul Care Intensive

October 18-22

Reboot for Couples

July 26-29

Reboot for Men

Aug 9-12

Reboot for Women

Sept 20-23

Reboot for Men

Oct 4-7

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