Christian leadership retreats with Streams of Wholeness

A Christian leadership retreat with your team is helpful in many ways. It’s always important to consider what the Lord wants from your time alone with the people that you work alongside. This will help set prayerful goals and expectations for the week, but remember to leave room for God to work.

This is the attitude at Streams of Wholeness, which is more than just a site, it is a place that offers guidance for Christian leadership retreats. There are desert places in every person’s life, places that are dry, places that, in spite of all efforts, seem to remain cracked and broken.

The hope at Streams of Wholeness is that we enable you to help you through the desert places in your life. Whether you need to walk through those places, or to just sit and listen, Streams of Wholeness offers opportunities for you to encounter true rest, a new rhythm of life and healing. Streams of Wholeness creates a safe place for conversation, allowing us to share struggles, find hope, develop authentic relationships, and encourage one another on the journey.


Christian Retreats 2021

If you’re a leader of leaders who wants to participate in a Christian retreat, chances are you want to build team unity, impart ownership, help mature disciples, and fulfill the divine calling to serve and love one another. There are various ways of doing this, but investing in a leaders retreat is a fast and efficient way to accomplish it. Serving them like this is costly in terms of time and planning, but the yield for time investment is extremely high. Moreover, we imitate Christ in doing so, who frequently took His disciples away from the crowds with Him to teach them how to be with Him and how to be with each other.

Leadership Retreat Ideas

It is important to have a good focus for your Leadership retreat ideas. No matter if people are employed or volunteer in their organizations, they work hard and want their work to be meaningful. The people you work with are more productive and motivated when they feel a greater sense of involvement in the aims and vision of your ministry. A carefully-planned retreat motivates them because it enlists their creative participation in setting goals and contributing to decisions. Additionally, it can give you, the leader, a fresh view on their strengths and how they interact with each other, and how they might contribute positively to long-standing and difficult organizational issues.

This said, while there is a wide acknowledgement that retreats are useful, people have had varying experiences in them. One reason for this is that leaders themselves often underestimate the complexity of preparing for and conducting a retreat, so it helps to have experienced hands alongside you in order to conduct a successful retreat. And that’s where Streams of Wholeness can step in.


Leadership Retreat Themes

Let’s discuss reasons why you need leadership retreats. For a start, it helps refocus your leaders on the mission of the church. Very often, after time, the technicalities of serving the church turn us looking inwards at what we’re doing in the church and not outward, on where we should be moving the church. It’s therefore helpful to step back and recenter our attention on our forward vision rather than the many necessities we deal with on a day to day basis. Leadership retreats are an excellent reminder that in leading, we have a much greater calling in growing the kingdom of God.

Leadership retreats also encourage spiritual growth. Leaders not only need intellectual growth, but spiritual growth as well. We all have positions and duties to fulfill, but we are also individual people, treasured by God. We have to prevent being so caught up in leading others that we forget to pursue our personal relationships with God. It is important to keep leading your leaders back to Him.

Lastly, and most obviously, it is a time of relaxing and building relationships. Leadership retreats are a great way to get away from the chaos of everyday life and simply have fun with your brothers and sisters in Christ. Leadership retreats provide a perfect opportunity to engage in group activities that not only nurture skills like teamwork and cooperation, but help solidify lifelong friendships.

Christian Leadership Retreat Agenda

Whatever your Leadership retreat agenda, Streams of Wholeness can accommodate and provide for it. There are many challenges that leaders face today. Streams of Wholeness aims to come alongside you and your team to help reset thoughts, habits, and patterns, and see the desert places begin to flow again with streams of wholeness.