Christian Men’s Retreat

A Christian men’s retreat is necessary for all men, in some shape or form. In order to imitate Christ and to walk more closely with Him, it’s important to consider what the Lord wants from your time and energy. Steams of Wholeness is more than just a place for this to happen, it is a community that offers guidance for Christian men’s retreats. There are desert places in every person’s life, places that are dry, places that, in spite of all efforts, seem to remain cracked and broken. The hope at Streams of Wholeness is that we enable you to help you through the desert places in your life. Whether you need to walk through those places, or to just sit and listen, Streams of Wholeness offers opportunities for you to encounter true rest, a new rhythm of life and healing. Streams of Wholeness creates a safe place for conversation, allowing us to share struggles, find hope, develop authentic relationships, and encourage one another on the journey.

Christian Men’s Retreat Ideas

Generally, a Christian men’s retreat is two days. They often begin on Friday night and finish Saturday night or Sunday morning. There are usually two large group meetings per day, so that for most weekend retreats you will meet four times, once on Friday night, twice on Saturday, and once on Sunday morning. Make time during these meetings  to meet other men and talk with each other. Attendees have come not just for spiritual inspiration but also to build new friendships. But just as important as group times are the down times for conversation, mixers, games, athletic competition, journaling, prayer, and the unique adventures that Streams of Wholeness can offer, such as hunting, fishing, golfing, tennis, horseback riding, trail hiking, four-wheeling, kayaking, white-water rafting, river tubing, or taking time out for reading and relaxation or making use of our fitness center.

Be sure to create a story and find a theme that resonates with men. Teaching is great, but a compelling story centered on the truth of God’s Word is best. It’s important to engage a speaker that can get men to look deeply into scripture and the truths of Christ in order to get men talking together.


Christian Men’s Retreats In Florida

Located in Florida, Streams of Wholeness incorporates and accesses the Honey Lake Clinic. This is the number one Christian mental health program in the United States, offering Bible-based, psychological care by licensed experts in scenic, world-class accommodations. Specialized treatment programs help those struggling with addictions or psychological issues reclaim their lives and achieve their God-given potential. Programs include: Addiction Recovery, Mood Disorders, Anxiety Disorder, Psychological Struggles, Burnout and many others.

Adjacent to us, on approximately 3000 acres in the outskirts of Greenville, Florida, you will find Honey Lake Farms nestled among sprawling oak trees, winding rivers, spring-fed lakes, peaceful meadows, and an array of wildlife. The heart behind this land is to provide space for our guests to experience a change in their daily scenery, experience exciting outdoor activities, personal re-connection, rest, and wholeness. Honey Lake Farms is a rare experience. As our guest, you not only invest in yourself but others as well. With your visit, you enable Honey Lake Farms to invest in the revitalization of the local community. It is our joy to partner with and employ those who call Madison and Jefferson counties home. It’s been said, “to walk into nature is to witness a thousand miracles.” Streams of Wholeness Retreats are hosted at Honey Lake Farms.

Honey Lake Farms offers exclusive experiences not available to the public, such as hunting, fishing, events in local Thomasville, and the unique Tracker Buggy Tour of the property and exotic animals.

Men’s Christian Retreats 2021

There are many challenges that men face today and a men’s Christian retreat is a chance to build team unity, impart ownership, help mature disciples, and fulfill the divine calling to serve and love one another. Investing in a men’s Christian retreat is a fast and efficient way to accomplish these goals. It may be costly in terms of time and planning, but the yield for time investment is extremely high.


Christian Men’s Conference

Whatever your Christian men’s conference needs, Streams of Wholeness can accommodate and provide for it. Streams of Wholeness aims to come alongside you in order to help reset thoughts, habits, and patterns, and see the desert places begin to flow again with Streams of Wholeness.