August Soul-Care Intensive: Anxiety

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With Dr. Jennifer Degler

Psychologist, life coach, and author Dr. Jennifer Degler is known for her frank and funny seminars which weave together practical information and real-life examples from her clinical practice and family. Audiences say she could’ve been a standup comedian, but Dr. Jennifer prefers helping people through her Kentucky counseling practice and writing books like No More Christian Nice Girl and the Deck of Dares. Her fabulous adult children, Josie and Jake, delight in telling their friends that their mom runs a sex shop when, in reality, she founded, a ministry to help Christian wives make their sex lives sizzle. When she’s not podcasting and teaching about anxiety management, emotional wellness, sex, and spiritual growth at, you can find her enjoying her empty nest with her high school sweetheart husband, Jeff.

Here’s What You Will Learn.

* Learn the latest mind/body/soul techniques for overcoming worry, anxiety, and stress.

* Discover what’s going on in your brain when anxiety tricks you into thinking you are in danger.

* Explore the factors that can lead to developing an anxiety disorder, like genetics, childhood experiences, trauma, chronic stress, and technology usage.

* Learn how to make anxiety-reducing lifestyle choices, including what to eat, which supplements to take, how to maximize restful sleep, and the most effective types of exercise.

* Gain an understanding of anti-anxiety medications and when they are helpful.

* Practice powerful anxiety management techniques that use your brain to help change your brain, such as catching anxiety spirals early, nipping anxiety in the bud, belly breathing, mindfulness, letting go of excess muscle tension, worry once and worry well, keeping a worry journal, and making worry appointments to help you retrain your amygdala.

* Try out rescue techniques for stopping panic in its tracks.

* Break free from the shame and guilt you may feel as a Christian who worries a lot.

August Soul-Care Intensive: “Anxiety” with Dr. Jennifer Degler

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