Churches That Heal

Churches That Heal



An introduction to this healing journey with Dr. Cloud.

Session 1

Grace + Truth + Time
(part 1)

Dr. Cloud unpacks the 3 key ingredients for growth: Grace + Truth + Time.  You will discover how applying these principles helps you grow in the image of God.

Session 2

Grace + Truth + Time
(part 2)

Dr. Cloud teaches how to break the cycle of “stuckness” so that we can begin to heal and grow both spiritually and emotionally.

Session 3

Relational Connection

You will discover that God created us with a deep hunger for relationship – with Him and others  – and learn how to have healthy bonded relationships in your life.

Session 4


Dr. Cloud teaches about why setting boundaries is necessary for healthy relationships and ultimately, finding health and healing.

Session 5

Processing Pain

You will learn that in order to be emotionally and spiritually successful you must be able to deal with issues of good and bad.

Session 6

Becoming An Adult

As you work through this principle, you will learn how to exercise the gifts and responsibilities God has given you.